The Baptism of Christ

Important Confirmation Requirements

In the year leading up to a Confirmation, there are a number of key deadlines. The general timeframe for some of the confirmation requirements are:

September - Confirmation Sponsor Name

October - Letter to Father Dave; Enrollment/Application for Confirmation; bring photo of child; meeting with parent(s) and Sponsor

November - Special Confirmation Classes begin; Letter to Bishop; some assignments due

December - 15 Hours of Service due; Letter of Recommendation

January - Special Confirmation Classes resume;
Sponsors Certificate due (if applicable)

February - Final assignments due

Preparing Your Child for Confirmation

Faith lived and celebrated in the family makes a lasting impression. Prepare your son/daughter for full Christian living through the following activities:


- Read the Sunday Scripture readings together as a family.
- Invite a relative or friend who does not participate in Mass to go to church and breakfast with you.
- Save and donate money to a society devoted to spreading the faith.

Worship and Prayer:

- Attend Sunday Liturgy as a family. Plan to attend Mass on a special occasion, like an anniversary or birthday.
- Pray together as a family.


- Help out at a parish social function or participate in it.
- Support a parishioner who needs encouragement, sympathy or material help.
- Apologize for moments of impatience; put aside grudges which cause strained relationships.


- Volunteer as a family to serve at a soup kitchen or to clean the home of an elderly person.
- Offer to do someone's chores at home to help them out.
- Include in your family prayers those in need in the world.