The Baptism of Christ

Important Dates

First Reconciliation is generally held each January.

First Holy Eucharist is generally held each May.

Special meetings to prepare children and their families for these Sacraments are announced each year and are generally held in November, January and April. Check back here for more information for next year.

j0284921 smaller Is My Child Ready for First Reconciliaton?

Is My Child Ready for First Reconciliaton?

Questions as You Prepare
- Does he know the difference between right and wrong choices?
Consider whether your child has the capacity to acknowledge that there are times when he makes wrong choices.

- Does she know what sin is? Can she differentiate between a sin and a mistake?
Consider if your child can discern times in her life when she makes deliberate choices that hurt God and others. Sin is any thought, word or act that we freely commit even though we know that it is wrongl we choose not to obey God's commandments. Ensure that your child understands the difference between a sin and a mistake or an accident.

- Does he feel positive about receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation?
By the time he finishes the immediate preparation for the sacrament, your child should have a sense that he will get something wonderful out of this sacrament: the grace of sacramental absolution.

- How does she feel about celebrating the sacrament?
The Sacrament of Reconcilation is an encounter with Jesus who offers His love and forgiveness, and should be presented as a joyful experience. If at the conclusion of the preparation process your child is extremely fearful or agitated about the sacrament, this may be a sign that she is not ready to celebrate it.