The Baptism of Christ

Children's Liturgy

Why do we have Holy Water at the back of the Church? When and where to we genuflect in the Church? What are the Psalms? If you find your children could benefit from a greater understanding of these questions and other components of our Mass, then consider their participation in Children´s Liturgy next Sunday. There are two separate special Liturgy's for different ages of children. One is for children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and is held in the Chapel at 10:15 am during the school year. The other is for Preschool aged children (3 - 5 years) and is held in Longinus Hall at 10:15 am during the school year.

After signing songs of praise in a style appealing to kids, an adult instructor leads the Liturgy of the Word through all aspects of the Mass in a way that is interesting, participatory, fun and age appropriate.

Children may actively participate in the readings, the lighting of the candles, have a discussion of the Homily, and share how aspects of their experiences relate to that day´s lesson.

Children are then dismissed to join their families in the Church for the rest of the Mass at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Having a special connection to your faith is meaningful - and Children´s Liturgy can be a great experience for your children…and give their adult family members quiet time in Mass to focus on the importance of the message as well!!